Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creative Quality Versus Quantity: The Edit.

Perhaps inspired by the Tiny Housing Trend, I decided to do some house-cleaning at the Art Fashion Creation and Toile La La blogs.  The result - something more streamlined and to the point.  Most of the 361 posts since 2010 are now cached.  Instead of searching for posts in the archive or via the Labels Cloud, you can just enjoy exploring the 50 or so best of the best for now.  Scroll down and select "older posts" when you reach the end of a page.  Read the remaining Art Fashion Creation posts page-to-page, like a book.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My New fashion Zine: Seen and Imagined.

This fashion Zine:  Seen and Imagined is full of collage artwork - no text.  After producing my 80s Fashion zine, which consists of diary entries and sketches from that time - I became inspired to once again tear, rip, paint, clip, glue and snip.  As there are so many of my thoughts existing within the various blogs I publish, it is wonderful to just focus on visual creativity.  I think this joie de vivre, joy in fashion, and fun visual freedom really shows in the pages of this zine.  I am very excited to finish the work and have you see it too!

Style-wise, Seen and Imagined leans toward the Avant Garde and Playfully Comical.  You'll see many references to recurring themes within my blog posts... things I like - and perhaps have always been drawn to.  Fashion - I think - should be either utilitarian, artistic, or joyful - joyful in the sense that it brings others pleasure to see its creativity, beauty, or wit.

As Seen and Imagined is still in the working phase, you might get a small nibble of my work by selecting Toile La La artwork from the Label cloud at right... just select the link and you'll see some past collage work.  However, what I'm doing with Seen and Imagined - I think, surpasses that - because it's new work... of the moment.

The title is associated with a phenomenon I suppose many of you might experience... you see something interesting, later the brain processes it and the idea or image becomes reconfigured... something new, sometimes better.  That process or phenomenon is one I have experienced throughout life.  My eyes are sometimes like little movie cameras, recording visual information and storing the footage.  Somehow though, all the movie clips remix and become transformed... this glance with that pose and this color with that dress, etc.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Observation of Fashion Parallels.

New Wave, sampling, Hip Hop, graffiti, world music, MTV... these are some of the catalysts which yielded such interesting avant garde and asymmetrical fashions of the 80s.  If you take a close look around you - on the catwalk, in magazines - many of those 80s trends appeal still today.   Particularly via blazers and wingtip/brogue/oxford shoes, menswear for women has enjoyed a resurgence for a good while now.  Also stemming from the 80s are still-percolating vintage, goth, and steampunk trends.

These are things I discuss in my 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn - available at Etsy.  An excerpt:
Toile La La collage featuring late 80s magazine tearsheet. 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn.
This image appears on page 34 of the 77-page zine, and on page 23 of the 120-page book.  The book includes much more commentary via endnotes - as well as inspiration lists, whereas the zine leans toward the visual - with larger images and much less text.

"Pre-Vintage:  Before widespread enthusiasm for vintage... this was an image - marked Tim Jenkins - cut from a magazine and glued into my small, black late 80s/early 90s sketch/scrapbook.  For me, it signals the advent or cusp of America's fascination with vintage finds.  The ensemble seems simultaneously goth and flapper-esque, not quite steampunk.  Her backpack/purse is the touch of youth and modernity.  I like how she is running about in her fringe and hat and long, knotted strand of beads on a muddy, blustery, grey day. 
Thrift or vintage dressing... didn't really catch on until the late 80s.  Vintage and recycled clothing became popular, trendy, closer to the 90s.... .
The ideas behind many of the clothes we wore in the 80s were not new - but the clothes were.  Here though, the vintage look seems authentic, giving this image an uncommon quality or sense of otherness.  It's a thought-out, not thrown-on, ensemble... the dark bits from history with a speck-of-color bow."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shhh...I'm Listening to Life Sparkle.

Saint Therese, Little Flower.
Bee book found in the finding box.
50s doll coat.
Hong Kong Dragon slides.
Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple.
Finding and Found...Shhh, I'm Listening to Sparkle. Toile La La.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sleep Travel.

Reading of science and alchemy, he began to doze - I suppose - and to his ear, the air rang with splashes of laughter.  Through a window in the woods, he realized - to his surprise - he was not where or when he was.
Nicholas Hilliard - Henry Percy, 1590-1595.
Charles Codman - Bathing Pool, 1830.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Bit of Time Travel.

Lacking a time machine or magical Freaky Friday skills - and wondering what an artsy girl in the 80s might have been thinking... here's your chance - via a book.

The 80s sketch scrapbook "labels" link at right will transport you to a similar place, but the 80s Fashion Design zine includes illustrations and text I've never posted here.  By far, the book is the most comprehensive - with inspiration lists and endnotes... more thoughts.

More, here.
Toile La La 80s book, coptic-stitched.

Toile La La 80s book, with its stitched dust-jacket.
Toile La La 80s zine.
Toile La La 80s zine.